All prices and amounts shown on this Site are in  Canadian Dollars (CAD) unless otherwise noted. All prices set forth on the Site and stated herein are based on current costs and subject to change without notice and payment amounts and other terms may be subject to additional agreements between User and YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd.

If a User submits an order on the Site to purchase printing products, mailing services, design services, or other services, the User agrees that all charges, taxes, and shipping/handling fees will automatically be charged to the credit card or paid by User with an approved payment method.

Production of all items ordered is subject to the terms outlined below in the "Printing Turnaround Time" section, and will not begin until an order is fully paid, including shipping and handling fees, if applicable except where YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd. has explicitly agreed to special delayed payment terms (e.g. Net 30) with the User prior to placing an order. Users who have delayed payment agreements with YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd. are required to provide payment in accordance with the terms of their applicable payment agreement(s).

Once the print file(s) associated with an order have been approved by the User as described below in the "Printing Turnaround Time" section, the order will be "In Production" and no changes will be allowed to the print files, job characteristics, or printing turnaround time. After an order is In Production, the entire amount of the order along with applicable taxes and shipping/handling fees shall be deemed fully paid and non-refundable, except as provided for in the Return & Refund Policy below. Additional Service Fees, List Purchase, and  Postal Costs are non-refundable. Except as provided for in the Return & Refund Policy below, any payment received from the User shall be deemed fully paid to YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd and non-refundable at a rate of twenty percent (20%) for each calendar month that passed after the date of the User's initial submission even where the print job never reaches the "In Production" or shipment phase due to no fault of YYC PRINTING  O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd.(e.g. User fails to respond to approval of proof/print job, User fails to provide information to complete the print job or shipment, User otherwise fails to cancel his or her order prior to reaching the "In Production" phase, etc.)


If requested, online proof will be available for your review after we have received your files for print. Actual time will vary depending on our current workload. Jobs with proof requests will not be sent to the press without your approval unless the proof approval is explicitly waived. It is the User's responsibility to log in to their account and check on their proof. We are not liable for delays in the order caused by the User's non-approval of the proof.

An online proof is by no means an accurate color reproduction of your final printed piece but is the final opportunity for you to check the layout, bleeds, crops, and final text. Electronic proofs do not show transparency and overprint issues. Nor do they show color change from RGB or Pantone to CMYK.

The proof must be treated as independent from the original submitted file and thoroughly reviewed prior to approval. It should be checked against the original file for possible errors in layout, copy, spacing, punctuation, or image placement. The user is fully responsible for all that is contained in the final approved proof.

YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd. offers hard copy proofs that show reasonable likeness to the final printed pieces. Such proofs are recommended for color-critical art and must be requested by the User when the print order is made. Hard copy proofs are printed on a substrate different from the actual paper stock and while its main purpose is to show color, variations may occur depending on the finish selected (AQ, matte, UV) for the final print job. We do not offer hard copy proofs for art that would be printed on uncoated paper.

The request for a hard copy proof may involve an additional fee and would extend the amount of time needed to complete the job. For orders where a hard copy proof has been requested, the approval must be received by YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd. on or before our published cut-off times. We will make every effort to match colors in production when a hard copy proof is requested. However, it is the User's responsibility to determine if they need a hard copy proof with their print order.


An order may not be canceled once it is "In Production". If the order is still in the preflight or proofing stage, it may be canceled subject to the following fees, when applicable:
a. Orders placed, paid for, and then canceled before 5 pm MST on the same day may be refunded in full or booked as store credit to be applied to future orders;
b. Orders below $25 will not be subject to cancellation fees.
c. Orders $25 and above will be subject to a cancellation fee of 3.5% of the full order amount.

Color Accuracy

YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd. will reproduce color from submitted print-ready files as closely as possible, but cannot exactly match color and density (as viewed in a 5000K light booth). Because of inherent limitations with the printing process, as well as neighboring image ink requirements, the accuracy of color reproduction is not guaranteed. By placing an order with YYC PRINTING, you agree to this limitation. We will try our best to match the gradient density of each color, but we accept no responsibility for color variations between submitted files and the final printed piece. Under no circumstances will a reprint be honored for color variations that have occurred during the printing process. We are not liable for color matching or ink density on screen proofs that you approve. Screen proofs will predict design layout, text accuracy, image proportion, and placement, but not color or density. Application of UV coating may affect or change the appearance of the printed colors. We are not liable for the final color appearance of a UV coated product.


No Liability for Errors
YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd. is not liable for errors in a final product caused by any of the following reasons:

• Spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors
• Low resolution or low-quality graphics and images
• Damaged fonts
• Transparency issues
• Overprint issues
• Artwork files that are not created following our specifications
• Variances in color from the conversion of Pantone or RGB colors to CMYK
• Errors in user-selected options such as size, quantity, paper, and finish
• Duplicate orders submitted by the User
• Incorrect files uploaded
• Incorrect file orientation
• Cracking on folds
• Cutting variances
• Incorrect or undeliverable shipping address
• Damage to products after delivery to User

User is responsible for reviewing their files and correcting any issues prior to placing the order.

Artwork Files

Our prepress department checks all submitted artwork files before printing, but you are still 100% responsible for the accuracy of your print-ready artwork files, and we encourage you to proofread all files carefully before submitting them to YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd.  YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd. is not responsible for any issues as to orientation or alignment of the pages of your submitted artwork. By submitting the artwork to   YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd, you certify that you have the right to use the image(s) in your artwork files. DO NOT send any "one-of-kind" transparencies, prints, or artwork. Although we take every precaution to safeguard your materials, we are NOT responsible for the loss or damage of images or artwork.

Under these Terms & Conditions, you agree that you will NOT upload any artwork files consisting of the following material: offensive, indecent or improper material, nudity, any material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under applicable law; and any material that could infringe rights of privacy, publicity, copyrights or other intellectual property rights without the permission of the owner of these rights and the persons who are shown in the material if applicable. We will refuse an order based on foregoing reasons or for any other reason which in our opinion may be illegal in nature or an infringement on the rights of any third party. You accept full legal liability for the content of material processed and printed on your behalf and under your instructions. We reserve the right to refuse an order without disclosing a reason.

YYC PRINTING may also provide artwork design tools that offer a limited number of elements, including icons, fonts, color schemes, and design effects. We reserve the right to use and offer all such elements to other parties in the future. Other YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd.  Users may use the same design tools to create images that may have similar or identical combinations of these elements.  YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd provides no warranty of any kind that artwork created using the design tool will not infringe, or be subject to a claim of infringing, on the trademark, copyright, or other rights of another party. It is solely your responsibility to obtain the advice of an attorney regarding whether any image, mark, logo name, or design is legally available for your use and does not infringe on another party's rights.

We may, based on our sole discretion, set limits to the maximum number of days that we shall retain designs or other uploaded files, as well as the maximum storage space that we would allocate to such files. YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd. is not responsible for the deletion or failure to store any file whether uploaded or designed on our website. We reserve the right to delete any file stored which has been inactive for an extended period of time, or for any other reason, without prior notice.

Printing Turnaround Time

Turnaround time on regular orders 3 - 7 business days. Printing turnaround time begins after we have received your print-ready files, approval for your proof, and full payment for your order. If you have chosen to waive your proof approval, printing turnaround time begins after we have received your print-ready files and full payment for your order. For orders that do not have complete digital source files, or have files that are not print-ready, printing turnaround time will begin after we receive acceptable print-ready files regardless of when payment was made.

Orders must be paid, print-ready files received and proofs approved by 5:00 P.M. MST  for printing turnaround time to begin the next business day. For example, an order for a two-day printing turnaround that you submitted at 2:00 P.M. MST and approved by 4:00 PM MST on Tuesday will be shipped out of our facility by end of business Thursday. If you approve a proof on your Next Day Turnaround order by 4:00 P.M. MST on Tuesday, it will be sent out of our facility by Wednesday end of the business day.

Please note that there is no production or shipping on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. As a result, these days are not considered when calculating printing turnaround time. In addition, while Printing turnaround time includes printing, cutting, and binding, it does not include design, mailing, or shipping transit times. You should allow additional business days for delivery based on the shipping method you selected. The estimated printing turnaround time advertised on this site is based on the typical number of hours or days that a print job is completed under normal circumstances, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays


Unless you choose to Pick Up or Mailing Services, you need to select one of the shipping methods presented to you on the Site. All shipping may be done using FedEx, UPS, or other freight carriers. YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd. reserves the right to use the most appropriate carrier for the required transit time and destination. When choosing a shipping method, please remember that the estimated shipping transit time is based on the number of business days in transit and does not include weekends, holidays, or the day the package is picked up by the carrier. For instance, a product shipped Two Day service and picked up on a Thursday would be delivered by end of day Monday.

YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd.'s responsibility is limited to preparing your printing order and turning it over to the carrier for shipping. Shipping transit times vary and YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd. assumes no responsibility for delays caused by shipping carriers, weather, or any damages resulting from the failure to receive a job on time. Your order may arrive late due to unforeseen delays in delivery service, the breakdown of equipment, illness, etc.

YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd. is not liable for damages that occur during shipping.

Pick up orders will be kept for 30 days from the end date of the pick-up notification email. If the order has not been picked up from the YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd. facility within 30 days, it will be recycled.

YYC PRINTING O/A 1362805 Alberta Ltd. reserves the right to modify the shipping option selected by you and retain any related difference in charges between shipping options,